Dead Question progress (Muspra 348)

So Dead Question have been working away at recording material though the year, this process started around February time, it has has been shrouded in secrecy, also we have been wanted to hold back the press due to it having a very uncertain time frame. But, this is all of the info that we have to show! we have 8 songs done, and another 2 songs too go for us to have a full product! hear are some snaps.

The studio process has been very interesting, in the process of listening back to our material and forming stronger oins and Ties within us as a band. Hear is some our demo material that we have been working with for creating material for the album.


When writing material, we work in a very structured way, generally, David and Oscar will have something written what they give to me and Jamie to work parts out for then we go to the practice room and tweak the material so that it works well as a full band song so there are generally 3 different recordings of each song when it is in it formative process, one which is one instrument and maybe some rough lyrics, then one that has more contextual information with drum and bass parts, then the final structured version that we use to go to the studio and gig with. This means that practice at home and development of the parts is made easier and it means that we have something as reference if we forget sections or structures . For example on Riddim 062, David wrote the structure and the parts, but when we where in to practice room, we all collaborated and adjusted our parts and the structure so that it worked better as a song for all of us and for the band and the version that we have on the soundcloud list is the most correct version yet, but we may adjust it a little bit more the studio.

this is an example of one of our structures for when we write, its a little hard to read, but we go for a Structure, Form and Bars approach.




Coalescence News (Muspra 348)

So Coalescence has released the material that we have been working on the studio. In all honesty, the label took control of our work due to the break of the band, but it was all agreed in the contract that if this situation was to occur then  the work would not be lost and it would be released in the way that it has been. although, we have a video to Homemade Lemonade, its no MTV hit, but it looks pretty good in my opinion.

Hear is the video, also, our Bandcamp


In my opinion, I feel that i did not get the most out of this process, the band lost the love and the magic that made the project a lot of fun. This hindered our performance when working together in the studio process. Also I did not feel in control when working with the record label witch I found very obscure and I felt that they kind of took control of our work a little to much. For future progression with labels, I think I need to have more idea of what I would like from the process and be a little more involved with the final product. this is quite likely down to the fact that i am quite placid as a person when it comes to working with others also that I can struggle to put my point across in a formative way that people can understand.

But overall, I like the way that the pieces sound. they have been mixed well, although, a little on the quite side. I like the video except I do feel that one of the shots is far too dark to have the effect that we want. But overall, its great to have released material!

OBS Final review and tragets (muspra 348)

So Dead Question took part in the Original Bands Show case as you may know, we where playing with Kermes, Stating The Obvious, Idle Empire, Jimmy Amnesia and James Cull and The Black Storm Nation in the final of the competition.

We where happy with what we did and I felt that our songs where very strong, we did not win but we have been successful in grabbing a lot of publicity out of it and a serious name for ourselves in Leicester. we have also had a offer of a very high profile gig in Leicester witch i can’t full disclose because  it is so big it may blow your mind!

But I feel that an evaluation of or performance is due. We had a very energetic set consisting of 6 songs and a introduction from our very own Mr brown (Jamie). This was a Cockney Circus theme with oscar dressed as Witch/Nun that had a lovely original vibe to it. Then we launched into our first tune, Kick Out The Jams by MC5. The room lit up, we where jumping around, we had more of a mosh pit on stage then the crowd, we went a little insane but it was perfectly fitting to the set and the situation. I feel that Alcohlomy which was out next song was very strong, it was played as it always is, with confidence and attitude. We then get on to Bee Hiving, this is a new song and we have only just recently hit its winning formula. But I feel that it was rushed and a little hectic at points but as a bass player, I managed to pull Jamie, David and Oscar into line with one another  which is something that I am always happy to get right. Then we moved on to the usual suspects, Into Glue which was absolutely perfectly executed and then Shot My Dog. i can play this song in my sleep, but this time, I was very happy because I got the slap section very tight. This is due to practice and patience. Then the Snakebite finale, this song is always a great finisher because the crowd love it due to it being so memorable and strong.

hear is a pile of pictures from Pascal Pereira Photography

So targets for the band – we are in the process of recording our album, only two tracks left so we want this done by June at the latest. I feel that we are under time constraints now so it needs to be ready and finished.

We need to continue to be writing more new material that is of a high standard because the old guard of Alcholomy, Snakebite and Shot My Dog are getting a little worn and I feel that it is time to have a revised set that is in keeping with DQ so that we keep our audience and we push for new listeners.

Also as a band, I think it is time to really up our game and climb to the top of the pile in Leicester and really make tidal waves across the town! we will do this by playing more select venues and fining new opportunities by going out to new places and pushing what we do. i think once we have recorded material ready for public listening, that will really help us out in that quest.

A final target for the band is to do more with the merchandise and our image so that people will recognize our logo in a range of forms and places.

Dead Question At The OBS (muspra 348)

So our Semi-Final went very well, and we managed to get though on to the last stage of the competition. this will be on Saturday the 7th of May at The Musician. For us to succeed, I think we need to produce a set of very well rehearsed material in our own unique style that people love. It needs to be familiar for the people that know us, but still exciting to show out skill. We need to pick our best tracks like Shot My Dog and Snakebite and assemble them into the strongest combination to keep the energy in the room.

Also we are going to be giving out some free CD’s to gain some interest in the album that we are in the process of recording, we have been talking a lot about it, so it is about time to tease our audience a little bit and drum up some interest from people that may not have heard about the work in the studio. below is what the demo will look like, although we may use a different image. on the Semi-Final, we used stickers as a way of advertising us as a band, and this worked well so we want to go a step further with this idea of demos.

hears a link to the event!


Masterclass Video (muspra 355)

The full uncut epic that is… James Ellingworth’s Masterclass.

After looking back on this class, I am quite happy with my work, I think I have done a decent job in explaining the idea behind the class and I think my started was a good way to introduce the idea. I feel that a few of my explanations are rather sketchy but that is down to my own way that I can act when a little nervous. But i do feel that I did well to explain quite a tricky subject to two people that had never really worked in that way of thinking before.

so for next time, I would like to plan a little more content for the middle of the session. although I had to think on my feet because the college internet was not working so I threw together some ideas on the spot instead of backing tracks this actually made the session more tailored to what I wanted an more successful in my opinion.

Masterclass Feedback From Student Survey’s (muspra 355)

So my questions where quite open ended to allow the students to tell me exactly what they thought on my session, so hear are my responses.

Student 1’s reply

What did you enjoy about the class?

I enjoyed getting hands on and playing with the pedals

Was there anything you disliked about the class?


Do you feel that the session was well planned?

I feel that it was well planned with definite parts

Where there any issues with timing of the session?

There were no timing issues.

Was there sufficient equipment for the session?

There was plenty of equipment.

Do you feel that you have learnt something useful? If so, please specify.

I feel that I have learnt useful information from the session, there were some things that i didn’t know, for example, ordering your pedals and also using the amp effect loop

Would you recommend this session to friend?


Any other comments or thoughts for the session?

I thoroughly enjoyed the session!

Student 2’s reply

What did you enjoy about the class?

I enjoyed the variety of pedals available and the fact that it was delivered in a slightly different way. eg. How to use pedals for particular and creative uses rather than just how they work in general.

Was there anything you disliked about the class?

Not particularly.Not really a dislike just an improvement I would suggest would be for the handouts to also specify and illustrate what the different knobs on the pedals actually do.

Do you feel that the session was well planned?

I felt it was relatively planned with certain topics being set however it felt open and flowed naturally which was good as it didn’t feel as though there was strict time constraints.

Where there any issues with timing of the session?

not that i know of. The lesson started a few minutes later than intended because I was late for the lesson but the lesson did not feel like it was cut short because of the tutor.

Was there sufficient equipment for the session?

Yes there was a wide variety of pedals available and a chance for all students to have a go with every one.

Do you feel that you have learnt something useful? If so, please specify.

Yeah it got me thinking how my playing actually adapts and changes depending on what pedals i’m using.

Would you recommend this session to friend?

I would recommend a friend who was interested in pedals and effects attend this class. However if they were not interested in this topic it would not be right for them.

Any other comments or thoughts for the session?

I liked it that at the end of the lesson there was time for an explanation and trial into what effects are on particular songs that I wanted to know about. It made the session that little more beneficial for me personally. 

So of the back of the survey results. Student 1’s responses where a little more blunt, but they are straight to the point and I feel that if there was anything they disliked, they would have said it in a nice and simple way. I am pleased that he is happy about what he has learnt about the session. I am also pleased that he liked the hands on delivery style of my session and that he thought it was well structured.

Student 2’s responses are very insightful and I feel that I can learn a lot from this. I am happy that he like my delivery style and the way that I wanted to focus on how to use effects instead of how they work on paper. Also the way that my session flowed instead of being very strict to a set structure. I am also pleased that he noticed his playing adapt with each pedal and that he has found something useful in finding artists sounds. Also I an happy that he was honest and wanted me to look further into what each dial of an effects pedal does, witch could be a basis for something in the future if i was to plan an similar activity.

I feel that I may have missed a useful bit of information by not asking if they thought that the session was well advertised because I feel that it is something that I could have done a lot better. But on the other hand, if it was over advertised, I could have had to many people and have to do a series of the same session multiple times.

So next time, I would like to plan more content for the session, go a little more deeper in to how each dial of a pedal works. I would also like to work on my timings within sessions as I feel that I could have done it better and have been more generous to the starter activity as i felt it was a little rushed, looking back on the video clip. But overall, I think it was a success and to really improve at teaching, I need to spend more time doing it.

I have included a photo of my lesson plan, some handouts and an image of the room setup.

Blues De La Ceaux Unplugged at The Shed (muspra 348)

So Blues De La Ceaux where taking on the world of being acoustic on Thursday night. this was actually a Coalescence gig that we had to drop, but I passed it on to another band of mine. On the night we played a very dirty blues set. We played Roadhouse Blues by The Doors, Smokestack Lightning, Mannish Boy, Tobacco Road (Richie Kotzon Version), Sweet Home Chicago and Jumpin Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones and a last minute version of Purple Rain to remember prince by.

As a band, I think we played a great show, we had a strong presence, we played very well as musicians, and appeared to be well prepared even though we only had one practice, but that is all I thought we needed because the material isn’t very hard. But as a band, I think we need to start picking harder material and writing our own blues tracks. I think this will push us out or comfort zone and into a more interesting place.

As a musician, I liked what i played, I experimented with a slide witch was very fun, but it is something that I need to do more as I had a few notes that where a little of tune, but it is a learning curve. but overall I liked playing the gig and with this band, its guaranteed to be a fun show.

below are some pictures!